Why us?

In order to offer Kosovo’s architecture a unique studio, that gives comfort, spreads friendly vibes and works with creativity, we decided to open Maden Group in 2009.

We always try to integrate new elements according to the evolution of technology and materials, giving different dimensions and colors to our creations but never losing our identity.

Our main attention is the environment and the atmosphere where we work in. In pursuance of refreshing the work we do, sometimes we transform our workplace to avoid monotony and set up a creative surrounding. This has given amazing results in our work and also enhanced fondness and friendship in our team.

  • Ideal-Vejsa,-MSc-Architect-1

    Ideal Vejsa

    MSc Architect

  • Memli-Dushi,-Civil-Engineer-1

    Memli Dushi

    Civil Engineer

  • Gazmend-Dema,-BSc-Architect-1

    Gazmend Dema

    BSc Architect

  • Rashit-Zeneli,-BSc-Architect-1

    Rashit ZENELI

    BSc Architect

  • Shpat-Pozhegu,-BSc-Architect-1

    Shpat Pozhegu

    MSc Architect

  • Lirijan-Ibrahimi,-MSc-Architect-1

    Lirijan IBRAHIMI

    MSc Architect

  • Besjan-Kryeziu,-BSc-Architect-1

    Besjan Kryeziu

    BSc Architect

  • Vesa-Shasivari,-BSc-Architect-1

    Vesa Shasivari

    BSc Architect

  • Erza-Raskova,-BSc-Architect-1

    Erza Raskova

    BSc Architect

  • Zexhina-Shehu,-BSc-Architect-1

    Zexhina Shehu

    BSc Architect

  • Astrit-Rraci,-BSc-Architect-1

    Astrit Rraci

    BSc Architect

  • Ermelinda-Biblekaj,-Civil-Engineer-1

    Ermelinda Biblekaj

    Civil Engineer

  • Alban-Nojani,-BSc-Ekonomiks-1

    Alban NOJANI

    Ekonomiks BSc

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  • Where one is surrounded with people reflecting positive vibes."

    Erza RASKOVA Architect in Maden Group from 2015 - currently
  • A very harmonious and creative team, whose biggest struggle, is on deciding where to eat during lunch break :)

    Astrit RRACI Architect in Maden Group from 2015 - currently
  • Although the office is with a little natural light, this one shines with bright people…"

    Lirijan IBRAHIMI Architect in Maden Group from 2012 - currently
  • The only place where you are free to express your creativity."

    Zexhina Shehu Architect in Maden Group from 2015 - currently
  • We are Together.
    What to Eat today?
    We love Architecture.
    Only Music relaxes us.

    Learta STAVILECI Architect in Maden Group from January 2016 - June 2016

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